Lauren P. Book Commissions Client

Jessica and I have been friends for years, but when we decided to begin a polo book together, I was a bit nervous. She’d never been to a polo match before, but the first time I brought her out, after only a few minutes she said, “This completely changes my preconceived notions about polo.” I knew right then that she got it. The entire drive behind this book is to educate the everyday polo player; the people out there that love the sport and just want to learn everything they can about it. It’s not about the pomp and circumstance, the royalty, Ralph Lauren or big hats. It’s about a great group of people, getting together to have a fun Saturday afternoon with horses and mallets and the occasional breakfast beer. Since then we’ve done a number of shoots together and each one just gets better. Working with Jessica is an absolute dream and I’m excited and doing this project and many more with her!

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